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Progressive, Informed and Professional Investment Advisors

"I’ve had a number of different Investment Advisors over the years. Some of the relationships have worked out well, and unfortunately, some not so well.


I joined the Dekker Hewett Group about 3 years ago, and have never felt so comfortable with the direction that Mark Hewett and his team have taken my accounts. I always feel that my investment objectives are well understood and our communications are always clear and to the point. We have taken advantage of the good times, but planned for the downside as well.


I highly recommend Mark Hewett and the Dekker Hewett Group. They are progressive, informed and professional Investment Advisors. I have already recommended Mark to a number of my friends, and will continue to do so."

 Nigel Parr

Helped Us Navigate and Understand the Investment World

"We are delighted to recommend the Dekker Hewett Group’s services to anybody looking for financial advice with their investments.


We have been involved with the Dekker Hewett Group since their inception in the early 2000’s. During the interim our investments have performed well, and more importantly our relationship has developed to the point where we have become good friends as well.


One of the most difficult things an investor faces is to find a good financial advisor to help them navigate and understand the many facets of the investment world. You will find that the Dekker Hewett Group will serve you well. They are very easy people to work with, communicate very well, and have our complete trust.


We wish them well in the years ahead."

 Tim Cary and Rowena Lucas

Preservation of Capital

"We are a retired couple who derive most of our day to day living costs from our investments and have been investors with Mark Hewett of the Dekker Hewett Group and Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management since 2002. We have been most comfortable with the friendly personalized service we have received from Mark and his associates.


We are especially pleased that we have been able to make monthly cash draws and periodic lump sum withdrawals for major purchases and travel while preserving our capital."

Chern and Georgia Heed

Exceptional Advice and Guidance 

My family and I have been long term (25yr) clients of Erik Dekker of the Dekker Hewett Group. They have provided exceptional advice and guidance, with successful short and long term outcomes. My goals are discussed, reviewed, implemented and achieved. They are accessible, timely, and responsive to our needs.


I am now happily retired due to the benefit of the Dekker Hewett Group.

Kevin Jarvis and the Jarvis Family