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Dekker Hewett Group | Second Opinion Service

At Dekker Hewett Group, we represent a select group of families for whom we have a major beneficial impact. We want to offer you a service that we provide to our best clients for the people they care about most. Why now? Throughout our careers, we have never seen people so concerned about the markets, their investments and their retirement; people want someone to “check under the hood”.

To help you make informed decisions, we're offering you our second opinion service. We’ll take you through our discovery and analysis process to get a clear understanding of where you are now and where you'd like to go. From there, we’ll examine any of the gaps that need to be filled. After all, it never hurts to know more about your current situation.

One of three things will happen:

1) We find out that you're in good shape and advise you to stay where you are, or

2) We find out that you could better your situation. If we're not a good fit for your particular needs, we’ll be happy to point you to a financial advisor who can work with you more effectively, or

3) We find gaps in your current plan and feel we could provide a significant advantage in helping you reach your goals. We would then explore the idea of working together.

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