dhg | EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR | Protect Your Legacy and Your Loved Ones!

► 70% of Canadians lack a current and valid Will.
► 70% of wealth transfers result in disputes or loss of assets. 85% of these fail because of a communication breakdown and not properly preparing heirs.
► 58% of affluent Canadians have not yet discussed instructions for their estate with their heirs.

The next decade will see a massive intergenerational transfer of wealth estimated at $1 trillion, the largest in Canadian history. That equates to over $500 Million per day. While financial literacy has increased substantially over the years, estate literacy continues to lag. Statistics emphasizes the importance of a robust wealth transfer plan, especially for the affluent who wish to continue their legacy with the money they are leaving behind.

In partnership with Paul Marion, Managing Director, CG Wealth & Estate Planning, please join us for our multi-generational planning webinar.

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