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Market Watch Weekly | November 23, 2018 | Black Friday, indeed.

Erik Dekker - Nov 23, 2018


Dekker Hewett Group | Market Watch Weekly

Black Friday, indeed.

November 23rd, 2018


The shortened week of trading south of the border did not bring any relief to global equity markets which a saw a pullback in stocks to their October lows. However, this is how the painful retesting process works. Strategists refer to this as the “slop, pop, and drop,” where the market: (1) makes an initial low highlighted by an extreme oversold condition with a peak in volatility, (2) then experiences a sharp oversold bounce that recoups a significant part of the decline, and (3) ends with a retest of the low that brings demoralization and apathy. Sure, there are fundamental excuses for intermediate-term bottoms, but these types of declines are more about human nature following periods of rampant optimism, historically low volatility, and an extreme overbought condition.

Since October lows, however, one could argue that bears have the upper hand given this week’s blow out in credit spreads, the rout in oil prices and the breakdown in FAANGs. Bulls may argue, however, that the ongoing tightening in financial conditions and weak global economic data are bringing the Fed closer to a pause after a December hike. Also, bond yields have stabilized and the bearish narrative is well discounted into stocks. As we have said before, market corrections only seem “natural, normal, and healthy” until you are in one.

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